Facets of Satan

August 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

In my research, I’ve seen theistic Satanists disagree on many things, depsite their commonalities. Most frustrating to myself, however, has been the inability to settle on five names of Satan to use during rituals. Regardless of whether a group identifies as polytheistic or not, most groups I’ve read about recommend calling on a name of Satan (or name of another God, depending on what you believe) in accordance with the cardinal directions (and sometimes the elements) when starting a ritual.

This is all fine and good, and I do believe that acknowledging each direction (North, West, East and South, or if you want to go by the inverse Pentagram: Northwest, Northeast, South, Southeast, Southwest) is a good practice. However, no one seems to be able to decide on a names.

For example, the Children of the Black Rose (heading up by Nate Leved, who also wrote the Seven Scrolls) claim that the five faces of Satan are Father Adonis (S), Satan (SE), Lucifer (NE), Belial (NW) and Leviathan (SW).

The Church of Azazel, contrarily, puts Lilith (S), Prometheus (NE), Lucifer-of-Sophia (NW), Ishtar (SW) and Pan (SE).

To further confusion yet again, Geifodd, in his description of a “standard rite” puts Belial (N), Behemoth (NW), Typhon (W), Set (SW), Shaitan (S), Samael (SE), Lucifer (E), and Azazel (NE).

Who is who? and who goes where? How does one decide? I hadn’t even heard of Typhon before seeing Geifodd’s site, though Typhon seems remarkably similar to Leviathan. This post can’t even begin to cover the variety of names and identities involved in theistic Satanism – I’ll have to write a whole new article on the origins of the name “Satan” as that, as well, is a topic rife with disagreement.

For me, I can’t say what I believe personally as I haven’t dedicated much time to rituals yet. Geifodd seems to have too many points, and the rising Gods in the Church of Azazel paradigm aren’t familiar enough to me (yet) for me to be comfortable. I can say with confidence that I would put Satan in the North, as it seems to match with Him being the “morning star”. I also seem to visualize Leviathan, as a sea beast, in the South, as representative of water. Past that, however, I’m incredibly undecided on the matter.

More soon to come on etymology, monikers of Satan, and Pagan/Satanic overlap in the Goetia.

Ipsa scientia potestas est,



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