Statement of Goals

August 22, 2010 § 2 Comments

Hey all,

I’m posting now because I’m not sure if I’m going to have time to do a substantial post for tonight. Plans have come up. However, I wanted to get down a few goals for the next couple weeks, since I’ve come across a few concepts/ideas/institutions I’d like to get better acquainted with.

1.) Freemasonry. I only have a vague understanding of this group, and they have a pretty strong presence in occult circles. Most of the information I’ve come across thus far is pretty generalized. They started as a group of Stone Masons, then evolved out of that into a more esoteric-based group. Sometimes Christian, but not always – there are groups of Muslim freemasons, Satanist freemasons, etc. Apparently always monotheistic, though I need to confirm that. The problem with getting information on Freemasons is that members aren’t allowed to discuss what goes on inside the lodge. It’s mysterious to me, which is why I want to know more.

2.) Druidry. I met someone yesterday who identifies as a Druid, but he had impressively favorable views towards Satan. Sided towards the Prometheus argument that Lucifer wasn’t actually kicked out of heaven, but was sent down to teach man skills he needed to survive and grow. That said, I don’t have a clear view of what Druids as a collective believe. I know they’re an ancient religion, earth-based, and were mostly wiped out when Christianity was established. I have no idea how modern day Druids conduct themselves, how they meet, whether they’re organized or not.

3.) Reiki. Seems a few people on the Left Hand Path are into this. I know it’s a healing method, somewhere along the lines of chakra healing, and I know it works with a chi-like energy. Appears to be up there with acupuncture as far as popular New Age healing methods go. I’m interested in seeing if there’s any validity to it, or if it just works off the placebo effect.

4.) Crowley. This is last on the list only because I’m already reading a biography on him, so I know I’m going to know more about him and his beliefs the more I read, but I definitely want to get in touch with actual Thelemites and talk to them about their personal beliefs. I tried to read some of Crowley’s original works in high school (the Book of the Law, etc) but couldn’t manage to get through it. Too dense/obtuse for me to grasp at the time, but I think I should have an easier time with it now. The biography is making him a lot more accessible. I’ll probably write a whole separate blog entry about my reflections on Crowley when I’m done with the book, as a lot of my feelings about him are changing as I learn more.

That’s all for now, considering I can only handle so much at once. I’ll post updates on progress as I go along.


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  • briankissingbear says:

    The Order of Bards Ovates & Druids is a good resource on modern day Druids.

    Reiki there is western & eastern traditions, basically eastern is a spiritual practice based a lot on buddhism, shinto and eastern teachings. While the western schools with many off shoots is were you will find much of the new age influences.

    Google Usui Reiki Ryoho will take you to many traditional japanese reiki sites.

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