Jesus Camp

August 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Quite a few Satanic, Luciferian and general occult websites call for protest against the extreme religious right. I never blamed them, really, as I’ve found radical Christianity to be pretty terrifying. I was raised Catholic myself, and found pretty early on I didn’t agree with it. However, I never really felt moved to do anything monumental to combat the religious right. I had viewed it as pretty harmless, considering as a movement it lacks any grasp on common sense, historical validity, or a basic understanding of reality. I figured the religious right couldn’t possibly do much damage, considering how radical and far fetched their beliefs are (the infallibility of the Bible, Creationism, etc)

I’ve changed my mind. In fact, my mind is blown. I just watched the film “Jesus Camp”.

I took a minute after watching to look up how many evangelicals there actually are in the United States – mostly because I desperately wanted to believe they’re a minority force in America – not a group of people so large that their vote would count as strongly as the film suggested. Not so. This article estimates that 25-30% of America’s population are Evangelical (born-again) Christians.

I don’t even know what to do with this knowledge. I’ve been pretty sheltered from the radical right because I live only an hour outside NYC, and I was raised by fairly moderate parents. My mom did make me go to what we called “CCD”, I forget what it stood for, but it was basically after-school Catholic education. That was pretty weird, but not nearly as awful as the Jesus camp in the film.

Something does need to be done about this growing population. When you think about it – these are the people that don’t believe in contraception and abortion – they’re going to have the most kids. And they’re going to raise them Evangelical, and their numbers will continue to grow. And they’re homeschooled. Homeschooled! And these people vote!

This entire phenomenon is a testament to mob psychology and how powerful belief and perception can be. Once these kids get it in their head that everything liberal and progressive is evil and a test from God, it’ll be near impossible to teach them otherwise. It’s similar to a concept I noticed in Shutter Island – once someone has labelled you “insane”, anything you do and anything you’ve done is just more proof of your insanity. That’s how it is for radical right Christians – anything a “non-believer” says is just more proof that they’re a “test of your faith” or they’ve been “possessed by the Devil”.

It is constantly incredible (and sometimes terrifying) how infectious an idea can be, especially when it’s shared by a few people.

The only way to fight back against such a powerful faction of the American population is to come up with an equally infectious idea. We need to encourage skepticism and questioning of these institutions of religion, government, gender, race and class. We need to encourage a hunger for knowledge and understanding instead of blind faith and ignorance. We need to encourage a love for life instead of a constant fear of sin.

We need to do something, because damn these people are terrifying.


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