Encounter with a Christian Psychic

August 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

I wanted to write about an experience I had Tuesday with a friend of mine. He came down to visit, and our plan was to mostly discuss our spiritual aspirations and research. We both wanted to go see a psychic located near me that I had been to before – when I went last, about a month ago, the psychic that read me was a man named George – of gypsy descent. He was very honest, very accurate, and gave me an incredibly positive reading. In fact, he told me he was jealous of my foretold success – and that I was such an old soul that I had multiple spirit guides, and some other spirit guides have and will occasionally try to get in the way of my success. Not that I believe all of this to the letter, mind you, but nonetheless I was flattered.

I saw no reason not to go back. Except when we went back, the psychic wasn’t George. It was a younger woman, of unknown descent, whose name I don’t remember. She did a tarot reading for me (a spread I hadn’t seen before, but I’m not exactly well versed in tarot) and answered a question I had asked without even mentioning specific cards in my spread. She hardly answered my question, which was a veiled inquiry into my occult research and spiritual aspirations (I referred to it as “non-academic pursuits”).

Now, her giving me a shitty reading was disappointing enough. However, when my friend went in for his psychic reading (non-tarot, just spontaneous reading) they somehow got onto the subject of witchcraft and Lucifer. She told him, condescendingly (I could here from where I was sitting, they were in a small tent-like set up in the back) to “Read the Bible, it has all the answers”. He told me later that she had also told him that witchcraft was something to avoid entirely.

I was going to jump in and say something, and I regret not acting on that urge. I also regret paying her, but it’s not like I could bail (though I definitely thought about it). I was so taken aback by the whole experience. A “Psychic Tea Room” as it was advertised, shouldn’t be a place for Christian proselytizing. That woman had no right to try to push her beliefs on my friend, and was clearly blindly using the Bible as an excuse to be ignorant. I can’t believe it.

I’ve vowed to myself that next time I encounter this kind of behavior I’m going to say something, even if it’s just as simple as “I have to respectfully disagree, I don’t believe the Bible has the answers I’m seeking” and walking away.


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