Results since 8/31; New Goals 9/26

September 26, 2010 § 1 Comment

I spent a bit of time this morning perusing my earlier blog posts (in prepartion for my interview for the Luciferian Research Society podcast, check it out!) and I realized I had never done an update on my Progress 8/31 post. That certainly needs to be remedied.

What I’ve accomplished:

Meditation: I don’t actually meditate in the morning anymore. Lately I’ve found that if I try to meditate right after I wake up, I will go right back to sleep. What I’m thinking I might do, though, is wake up *then* wash my face with cold water or something to wake myself up further, *then* try to meditate. That’ll go in the goals section.

Aside from that, I’ve definitely lengthened the amount of time I can sit still and meditate – at least doubled. What I’ve been doing is setting the timer on the microwave, then sitting at the bottom of my stairs to meditate. I know it sounds like an odd place but there’s a method to my madness! My dog, Jake, decided somewhere along the line that if anyone ever sat on the floor in my house he’d sit in their lap immediately *especially* if they’re sitting cross-legged. The problem? Not only is that distracting, but he’s over 80 lbs. See cutie below :)


Sorry, I jump at any excuse to show people my Jakers, I’m such a dog person. Back to the point! I started setting the timer for 6 minutes and that was long enough – it also usually took me a while to get settled and comfortable. Today I’m at 12 minutes and I can enter a meditative state almost immediately – and I don’t even meditate everyday. Progress accomplished!

Drumming: I’ve definitely made this a meditative method, and I’ve been practicing more often. If I get into a pretty stable, loud groove long enough (usually with a lot of floor tom use, I love the floor tom) I can get myself into a bit of a trance state. I can’t sustain it for very long, for both mental and physical reasons, but I’m getting better.

Lucid dreaming/astral projection: No progress on the astral projection front so far. Generally when I have the opportunity to sleep, that’s all I want to do. I know you don’t actually have to be going to sleep to astral project, but I’ve made it my habit and when I’m not too tired it seems to work. I just can’t imagine trying to astral project during the day, it seems weird to me.

I’ve been keeping a dream journal as consistently as possible, but I haven’t lucid dreamt yet. I need to do more of the “reality check” type things (where you check during the day to see if you’re dreaming or not, by trying to read a clock or text or spinning around and doing other things you can’t do in a dream). Last time I was lucid during a dream, it was because I did a reality check.

New Goals:

Meditation: Meditate longer, and use a greater variety of techniques. So far I’ve primarily been doing chakra based work and Japa, but I’d like to do more void/focal meditation and other methods. By the end of October I’d like to be able to meditate for a solid half hour, no moving, no breaks.

Drumming: Need to be able to sustain the trance-like state for longer, and practice more in general. I have to be able to do single and double rolls (and sustain them) by the end of October. I know that sounds really, really basic to anyone who plays drums, but I only started playing a couple months ago. Working on it!

Lucid Dreaming/Astral Projection: I need to start going to bed early enough to at least work on Astral projection. I’ve really enjoyed it when I’ve made progress, and I know it’s possible to achieve. As far as lucid dreaming goes, I need to do more reality checks and keep a more detailed dream journal. There have been times when I’ve woken up and remembered a dream, but I’ve been too tired to actually roll over and write it down. I need to stop doing that. I want to have at least experienced lucidity in a dream by the end of October.

Fitness goals: Well, I walked four miles today, which is the most I’ve walked in town so far (at least that I’ve clocked) so I’m thinking by the end of October I should do at least 5. And I want to be more flexible, so I’ll make my goal for next month to be able to do a split. I’ve never been able to, and it looks like fun. Thankfully, I’ve always been able to touch my toes!

Other goals: Finish reading The Invisibles and The Book of Lies (the Disinfo anthology, not the Crowley book).

Phew. That’s a lot of goals. I feel motivated just by writing it down and publishing it, so that must be a good start.

Wish me luck!

Ipsa scientia potestas est,



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