Results since 9/26, Goals for November

November 1, 2010 § 3 Comments

This is going to be one of hopefully two posts today : I know I owe a post on my goals (as it is now November) but I also have a lot to discuss in regards to my halloween weekend, my trip to Salem, and a few enlightening conversations I’ve had recently. So, more to come!

Accomplishments and New Goals:

Meditation: I had said I wanted to be able to meditate for half an hour, no breaks, and I definitely can now. My only issue is that usually around 20 minutes my feet start falling asleep (I tend to meditate in the half lotus position) and when I get up I can’t feel my lower legs. So I’m thinking of sitting on a small pillow when I meditate and seeing if that helps. I’ve found it’s easier for me to meditate for a long time when I have a task to do – like chakra cleansing, or something systematic, or a mantra. When I just try to do focal or void meditation for a long time, I get restless.

New Goal: I need to be able to meditate for half an hour without my feet falling asleep, and I also want to get comfortable with the Middle Pillar Ritual – Most of the color-related meditation I’ve done has been chakra based, and those colors don’t correspond perfectly with the middle pillar colors, so I’ve had trouble crossing over to that system.

Drumming: Admittedly, I can’t quite do single or double rolls yet, at least not to the humming rate that I’d intended to reach. I *can* do press rolls now, and my timing is great (not to boast or anything) and I’ve improvised a bit on fills. Still have a lot of work to do though (more on this in my goals section).

New Goals: I need NEED to be able to do single and double rolls by the end of November. And I have to practice at least every other day.

Lucid Dreaming/Astral Projection: I’ve been really good about writing down my dreams in detail, and my recall has vastly improved. I did have a lucid dream, way earlier in the month – I woke up in the dream, and kept trying to wake myself up once I realized I was dreaming. In the dream, my boyfriend came into the room and asked me if I was okay, and I replied “I’m just dreaming, I’ll be fine once I wake up”. It wasn’t a perfect lucid dream, because I wasn’t manipulating my environment, but I was definitely aware I was dreaming. I’ve also been doing more reality checks. For more on this, see the podcast I was interviewed for:

New Goals: At least one more lucid dream this month, and this time I have to try to manipulate my environment. I’m not going to say I have to be successful in this, but I have to try, and I have to know that when I realize I’m dreaming, that means my surroundings are malleable and subject to my control. Those ideas need to be associated in my mind by the end of November.

Fitness goals: I go to the gym all the time now (almost daily, except on weekends) and my cardio and strength have gotten much better. I didn’t reach my goal of being able to do a split, mostly for lack of motivation. I didn’t see the great benefits in being able to do a split (it was mostly for showing off, it doesn’t really do anything for me) so I focused a lot more on drumming and working out than on stretching. I’m not too disappointed about that though, I think my priorities are in the right place.

New Goals: I’m going to challenge myself on this one. I’m not going to say I have to be able to do a split, because that doesn’t have many practical applications (I know what you’re thinking). I’m going to make it my goal to be able to do ten perfect push ups (no knee push ups) by the end of November. Again, to most of you this seems elementary – but it’s just not something I’ve ever worked on. I have good arm strength, but no chest strength, and I’d be really happy with myself if I could do a set of push ups in flawless form (quality, not quantity). If I achieve this, I may post a video (if you’re lucky!)

Other Goals: I did finish The Invisibles – I’m a bit crushed about that, since I adore Grant Morrison’s writing style, but I’ve got plenty more things to read.  I didn’t finish the Book of lies anthology, but I did finish reading Generation Hex (another Disinformation anthology) and I also started…geez, about four more books (Portable Darkness, Cosmic Trigger I, Chicken Qabalah, Low Magick).

New Goals: This is a big one. I’ve been reading the Chicken Qabalah and studying the tree of life, and I’ve started memorizing the sephiroth and the paths. By the end of November, I want to have the paths memorized (in Hebrew) and their meanings and how they connect the sephiroth. I also want to finish reading and taking notes on the book. AND I want to finish Portable Darkness (a Crowley reader). Since I’ve started calling myself a Thelemite (separate post on this later) I really have to brush up on my Crowley.



§ 3 Responses to Results since 9/26, Goals for November

  • Sarah says:

    Your meditation comment made me laugh! My leg falls asleep without fail at the 15 minute mark. Seriously, you could set a watch to it!

    These are some very solid goals. Your discipline is admirable!

    • Emily R.S. says:

      Haha yeah, it’s really frustrating! One time when I got up (after about 30 minutes) I almost fell over because I couldn’t feel my feet! There’s gotta be a way around that. And thank you, I try. Making my goals public has definitely helped, because I know if I don’t get done what I said I would I’ll have to come back to the blog at the end of the month and go “well, sorry guys, didn’t accomplish anything” and I’d really hate to do that.

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