Plans/In Limbo

December 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Hey All –

Terribly sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted. Things went a bit haywire and I lost my way for a while – I had finals for school, then my grandfather died, and being his only remaining relative I had to organize the memorial service and take care of a lot of things (and I’m by no means done with any of that, but at least I’m done with finals)

Things seem to be shifting around a bunch and I’ve been re-evaluating my goals for this blog – in light of a lot of stimulating conversations with friends, and a lot of discussions about media and ways to get a message across.

My overall goal, I’ve determined, is to make gnosis more available. There are many, many people who would benefit from reading up on esoteric concepts, but few seek it out. The more accessible the knowledge is, the more people it can reach, the better the world is.

Now, being that my goal is to make the information more accessible, it would follow that I have to use a medium that’s accessible and used frequently by most people – and I’ve determined blogs aren’t necessarily the best way. Before making my own blog, I hardly used or read blogs at all. So I’m thinking of moving to a different medium.

At first I thought maybe a video blog, but I’m also thinking maybe a podcast. Thoughts?

Ipse Scientia Potestas Est,



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